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IBC 2017

IBC 2019

Visit Norwia at IBC 2019 booth 10.C10

At IBC 2019, Norwia AS, a leading supplier of optical transport products, will showcase true hybrid solutions based on our renowned miniHUB frame concept.

With up to 32 channels of optical conversions in a single 1RU frame, customers may mix and match between any kind of baseband SDI: SD-, HD-, 3G-, 4K-, 6G- and 12G-SDI. In addition, a number of other signals like DVB-ASI, VoIP (ST2022 and ST2110), 10GigE, Audio signals (AES/Ravenna 67) and control signals (Tally/GPIO/RS-232 and RS-422) are all supported in the miniHUB frame concept. All signals may be either single channel per fiber or up to 18 channels of CWDM.

The flexibility provided gives our customers an almost endless range of possibilities for having a system design that matches their exact requirement.

Another feature that makes miniHUB unique, is the possibility of changing the configuration as the requirements change. In other words, a transition from i.e. an HD-SDI infrastructure to a 12G-SDI infrastructure may be done on a single channel basis, allowing for moderate investments over time.
Such configuration changes may be done "on-the-fly" without interrupting the daily tasks.

miniHUB is also available in a version designed for applications in extreme temperature environments. One of the largest US telco groups are using 100's of these units across the country for the transport of live sport events.

HUBbox 12G-SDI is the newest member of the small form factor family. As a stand-alone, dual channel optical converter, this is the ideal product for greatly extending the distance between i.e. a camera and the control room. It is available as a dual channel transmitter, dual channel receiver or a transceiver.

Utah Scientific, our US based partner and router/master control manufacturer, will co-exhibit with us at IBC 2019. A variety of products will be on display at our booth.

We look forward to seeing you at stand 10.C10


NAB 20192019 April 8 - April 11

NAB 2019

Visit Norwia at Utah Scientific Inc. booth# SL7616


At NAB 2019, Norwia will showcase a number of solutions based on the miniHUB Optical Transport Platform.

Supporting up to 32 optical conversions in 1RU gives the user the ultimate flexibility to configure a system to any application.

On display at the show you will find miniHUB solutions for transporting:

  • 4K / 12G-SDI
  • SMPTE2022-6 and SMPTE2110 video over IP
  • 3G / HD / SD-SDI
  • AES67 / Ravenna
  • MADI
  • 1 GB Ethernet / 10 GB Ethernet
  • and much more
Any combination of the above signals may be processed in the same frame. A variety of CWDM multiplexing solutions (4/8/12/16/18 channels) can be integrated, in order to reduce the fiber count.

For fiber redundancy, passive optical splitters are available. Best-in-class optical change-overs is used to ensure signal availability.

HUBbox MkII, the perfect partner for the miniHUB, will also be on display. The HUBbox is ideal for remote locations or as a stand-alone solution when 1 or 2 signals are required. These signals can be brought directly back into the miniHUB system for conversion and monitoring at the central location.

All products on display supports our unique AutoSFP® technology, which enables automatic re-configuration based on the SFP installed.

The NORWIA Sales Team is looking forward to guiding you through all our product offerings, and will assist you with system solutions for your applications.


Norwia and Electric Friends

Electric Friends camera robotics uses Norwia fiber optical technology


Norwia provides the robotic camera manufacturer Electric Friends with a custom-designed CWDM system for fiber optical transport of HD-SDI as well as emerging IP broadcast signals from camera and monitors. Each system is also capable of transporting legacy control signals such as TALLY, RS-422 as well as IP-based control data.

Each system is installed in the Electric Friends' Trolley, which is the central component of an Electric Friends Trolley / Tower / Rail / Trolley Control system.

The standard configuration cover:

  • Camera video signal (HD-SDI)
  • Black & burst synchronization
  • Prompter monitor (HD-SDI)
  • Program monitor (HD-SDI)
  • Ethernet
  • Additional wavelength pair available for 2nd Gb/s Ethernet or 3rd monitor signal
  • RS-422 available for broadcaster (e.g. Camera lens-control)


NAB 20172018 April 7 - April 12

NAB 2018

Visit Norwia at UTAH Scientific Inc booth SL6324

At NAB 2018, Norwia will showcase the industry's highest density optical transport platform with our latest addition to the renowned

miniHUB Optical Transport Platform:

  • New 32 optical conversions in 1RU
    • Ultra-high density with HD-BNC connectors
    • Dual DA outputs or loop-through on all channels
  • Mix and match among our range of AutoSFP®'s in a single frame:
    • Dual Rx or TX
    • Transceivers
    • Transponders
    • 1310nm, 1550nm, CWDM lasers and more
  • All active components are hot-swappable
  • New 18 channel CWDM filter with better specifications
    • Optional 2 optical outputs for fiber redundancy
  • Supports ST2022-6 and ST2110

We are also introducing the brand new HUBbox MKII for applications requiring only single or dual optical conversions:
  • New design with AutoSFP®, one hardware supports all models
  • Dual DA outputs or loop-through
  • Wider range of SFP's supported

Our sales team is looking forward to guiding you through all our product offerings, and will assist you with system solutions for your applications.


IBC 2017

InBroadcast InSight at IBC 2017 Norwia


Norwia is focused on providing quality, cost effective while solving the technical challenges for Optical transport. From IP to SDI, including all signals between Norwia can provide a solution that is tailors to ones needs. Not only tailored but one that can be changed on the go to suit the next needs of our customers. Norwia solution areas include Broadcast stations, Sporting arena's and Arts, Remote production, Ring networks, Camera remote solutions and Contribution networks.


IBC 20172017 September 14 - September 19

IBC 2017

Visit Norwia at IBC 2017 booth 10.C10


Meet the Norwia team who will guide you through our latest products and solution news, for example our NEW frame options. Expanded SMC range for camera transport and solutions that will make your SDI and IP hybrid transport a simple matter.

See you soon!



NAB 20172017 April 24 - April 27

NAB 2017

Visit Norwia at NAB 2017 at UTAH Scientific stand N4506 in the North Hall


Here you will meet our CEO Tore Steen and our Chief sales and Marketing officer Tracey Ford who will guide you through our latest products and solution news, for example the new SMC range.

This is a new SMPTE media multi camera convertor with power supply. You will also find other news and of course our miniHUB concept.

Most Welcome!



News - Ring Networks

Ring Networks

NRK uses miniHUB's flexible optical transport system for their Metro Ring Network


Faced with both growing requirement for live outside broadcasting and concerns over reliability and cost of both microwave and satellite links, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation(NRK) developed a fiber ring architecture for video transport across Oslo.
The use of the innovative Norwia miniHUB solutions with its AutoSFP® cards has enabled a highly resilient and redundant transport of video and data to each node across the metropolitan fiber network.

"We can go live with just a few minutes setup and we have achieved 100% availability since launch."
- Erik Hansen, NRK

Read the story:

Customer Experience - NRK Ring Networks


In the press:

TM Broadcast
TM Broadcast - Zoom in Norwia distribution TMI   ( Online Magazine )
TM Broadcast - Zoom in Norwia distribution TMI   ( PDF Download )

In Broadcast - Norwia Video Transport Solution for NRK


News - Sky choosing Norwia

Sky high with Norwia UHD 4k solutions


Sky chooses MiniHUB's flexible optical transport system chosen for internal distribution of Ultra High Definition / 4k video


"The Norwia miniHUB met all our capacity, distance and SDI-HDMI conversion issues and did it with incredible power and flexibility," said Bruce Kruger, Director, TV Engineering, Sky (UK). "Not only does Norwia solve today's optical transport solutions but the flexibility of the miniHUB Auto-SFP functionality makes it easy to broaden or change the scope of how we use the solution moving forward."

In the press:

The Broadcast Bridge - Sky Chooses Norwia UHD 4K Optical Transport

SVG Europe - Sky utilising Norwia AS miniHUB for 4K distribution at Osterley facility


News - Thunder Over Louisville

Utah Scientific Fiber Solutions Power WDRB-TV's "Thunder Over Louisville"


Norwia fiber-transport technology played a starring role in WDRB-TV FOX 41's all-HD live coverage of the 2016 "Thunder Over Louisville"


Utah Scientific's UTAH-100/XFD fiber-distribution frame with Norwia fiber-transport technology played a starring role in WDRB-TV FOX 41's all-HD live coverage of the 2016 "Thunder Over Louisville" event in Louisville, Kentucky. Over a single bidirectional fiber, the UTAH-100/XFD supplied key content elements and the main program feed for WDRB's sprawling 22-camera coverage of Thunder Over Louisville, an airshow and fireworks extravaganza that marked the official opening of the Kentucky Derby season on April 22.

In the press:

Sports Video Group - WDRB-TV's "Thunder Over Louisville"


IBC 2015

InSight at IBC 2015 Norwia


Norwia's Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Tracey Ford highlights a few of the products and developments on show at the IBC 2015 stand. See the incrediably flexible miniHUB system with Norwia's AutoSFP® technology and their Hybrid remote product system for SDI and IP.


News promo

The Format Flexible, Application Flexible one-card solution


The next generation Optical fiber distribution system is here and going to change the way you think about fiber based products


Just imagine a system that is so flexible that it cuts your inventory of Optical products down to 1 product! It's a true 1 card solution that can be used in many different situations and be reconfigured on the fly to provide Optical links, CWDM distribution, Optical distribution, Transponders plus Add/Drop/Pass networks. This is application flexible!

The one-card solution is also Format flexible and able to change from SDI signals to Ethernet in seconds!

If you want your TCO "Total cost of ownership" to work positively in your favor then read on through our website or contact us to arrange a demonstration to see the miniHUB optical fiber distribution system.


PR 2015



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