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The next generation card modules


With the miniHUB system, the number of card modules needed is much lower than most card based systems on the market today. This is due to the inovative design of the OC-4B-SDI card. Only one card is needed for all optical applications.

Just select the SFP that you want to use and this becomes your key to automatic setup. This eliminates complex setup procedures and leaves time for more pressing issues. The OC-4B-SDI has more than 150 combinations depending on the SFP's used. Norwia has built the technology to enable AutoSFP™ which bridges together the OC-4B-SDI card and Norwia's quality range of SFP's. This is truly a revolution in the optical distribution market which gives users of the miniHUB system so much application, format freedom compared to any other optical based system on the market today.

Norwia also has a selection of expansion cards which enable the addition of non-conformed formats into the OC-4B-SDI optical card. This system of the expansion port is also managed by the AutoSFP™ technology and integrates tightly into the miniHUB ecosystem.




The "all-in-one" card

The OC-4B-SDI is the 1 card solution for Optical video distribution. It's the only solution on the market for Optical video distribution that has the AutoSFP™ functionality that has been developed by Norwia. This technology raises the bar and gives the users a next generation product that is cost effective and lives up to Norwia tag line of "giving value".

Norwia's OC-4B-SDI can grow from 1 channel to 4 channels by simply plugging an SFP module. These SFP modules can be Transmit, Receive or Transceiver, single or dual channel. To make this possible, technologies like Norwia's Flexi I/O and AutoSFP™ are employed to provide an intelligent automatic function that reconfigures the core Phabrix and enables the user more time to solve other pressing issues in their broadcast establishment.

The OC-4B-SDI can solve the following Optical solutions:

  • Simple Optical links

  • CWDM optical links

  • Optical distributions

  • Transponders

  • Add/drop/pass networks (Ring structures))

  • Optical changeover

All this with 1 card and the 1 price!

This is a truly innovative product that will continue to give value. The 1 card that you should have in your tool box that perform so many different task and keeps your spares inventory to a minimum.

Please read our OC-4B-SDI brochure to find out the many ways you can use this card to your advantage.

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OX-2O-2X1-D / OX-2O-2X2

Automatic Protection Switch for all types of optical signals with optional power detection

The OX-2O-2x1/ OX-2O-2x2 modules are an Optical Fiber Protection switch with 2x1 or 2x2 switching architecture.

It can be user for fiber redundancy switching, optical switching in fiber networks or protection switching in optical ring networks.

The module can be controlled with external GPI control, or from the miniHUB WEB control interface (RCONmini). In addition it can also perform switching based on power supply failure.

The OX-2O-2X1-D version has an additional optical power sense on both inputs. The user can decide which optical trigger level (dBm) to activate the switch. It will then automatically protect the fiber connection.

  • Available in 2x1 and 2x2 versions

  • GPI control available

  • Large Optical detection range, 0dBm to -30dBm (-D verion)

  • LEDs show selected input status and input signal presence (-D version)

  • Automatic Protection Switching based on optical input power (-D version)

  • Switching based on power failure

  • Low optical insertion loss of typically < 2dB

  • Use together with OS-2-50 to split fiber circuit into 2 fibers

Please read our OX-2O-2X1-D/OX-2O-2X2 brochure to find out more technical datails.

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Tally and RS-422 Extention Card

EX-8B-422 is an expansion card intended to carry low-frequency signals such as tally or other GPI signals. It can also transport two independent RS-422 links.

EX-8B-422 cards are to be operated as pairs of cards. One EX-8B-422 is configured as an input card, while the other EX-8B-422 is configured as an output card. The card determines if it is an input or an output card based on where the ribbon cable is inserted.

  • 8 Tally/GPI inputs or outputs

  • Two independent RS-422 links

This card module can eighter work together with the frame controller to set up a GPI/GPO over ethernet, or work together with an OC-4B-SDI to set up RS-422 and GPI/GPO over fiber.



10Gbit/s Ethernet Optical CWDM Transponder

The OC-2T-10G module is an optical 10Gbit/s Ethernet CWDM transponder. This module is typically connected to a 10Gig Ethernet switch with 1310nm interface. It enables the miniHUB system to transport 10Gig Ethernet over its CWDM architecture.
It can also be used for refreshing long distance 10Gig Ethernet signals with reclocking and possible wavelength swaping.

The module can be controlled from the miniHUB WEB control interface (RCONmini).

  • Available with 18 CWDM wavelegths

  • LEDs show input signal presence

  • RCONmini WEB & SNMP control interface

  • Optical Power Monitoring

  • 10Gbps Reclocking

  • Backplane compatible to OC-4B-SDI

  • 80km optical SFP's and DWDM available on request

Please read our OC-2T-10G brochure to find out more technical datails.

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The miniHUB Frame Controller

The RCONmini frame controller card provides an extensive set of monitoring facilities for the miniHUB system.

There is no need to purchase this card as it is included with the initial frame purchase. The RCONmini has a feature rich set of tools that are available via a TCIP connection which would be normally seen as a premium product but with Norwia, it's included as standard.

  • WEB browser control with TCP/IP connection

  • Optical configuration monitoring

  • Card monitoring with in-circuit measurements

  • Built-in optical power meter instrument

  • Alarm log

  • SNMP

  • Built-in access to user manuals (pdf)

  • Software system upgrade facility

  • GPIO via TCP/IP (with EX-8B-422)

The RCONmini is an independent configuration and monitoring tool. The signal operation and configuration via AutoSFP™ on the OC-4B-SDI card are independent of the RCONmini. RCONmini can be removed during operation and have no effect on the signal integrity, that's smart!